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  • Testing. 123. Testing.

    I’ve been meaning to write a post earlier in the week. But I have to remember that just writing is the most important part. I have alot of things in my head. But for now I will just talk about the state of my business. The state of the business: it’s okay. To put it […]

  • Revisit the dream.

    The dream of it all. The dream of starting and having a successful coffee roasting business is something I haven’t thought about in some time. I don’t know what it looks like. Well, I should. But it’s been a long time since the initial push. But what was that dream? It was and still is […]

  • 2018: ?

    The year has started. The first month is almost finished. I’m selling coffee. But I still feel confused. I feel like Mark at the end of the story. There, at the beach, thinking about his life and all the positive things to come his way. Oh yeah. Mark. Who the fuck is Mark. Mark is […]

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